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African Beauty

Tuesday January 17, 2023 08:01 pm
In Poems
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I wanna know if I am the pride of Africa,
I smile at the thought of it,
What a beautiful show of white teeth!
‘Do you floss them?’

Natural is my natural,
With ownership of the face with beauty’s origin,
Piercings not but piercing eyes,
‘Can you see through me?’

The verbal perception is the wanted sensation,
Frequency concentration is not only for the FM station,
And control was just a by the way,
‘What will you do to me?’

I notice the head to toes capture of their eyes,
As much as there is equality focus variation is evident,
Eye contact means eye-to-eye and not eye-to-chest,
‘Can we stay here longer?’

Slight head bend still reveals not feet,
I can only see my breathing and feel my heartbeat,
Laughing at this makes me vibrate more than before,
Can I feel you against my body?’

I do not reserve my soft hands just for me,
Limiting my being friendly was never a lesson,
I can feel the feeling with my gentle touch,
‘Please don’t let go’

I walk away for the rest of my beautiful day,
And I know that the cats walk like me,
I get the stares I cannot acknowledge for they are too many,
‘Do you notice me?’

When little I thought mum’s was a show off,
Side to side and men, many men could fake a cough,
I grew up to my mum’s walk,
‘Isn’t she my role model?’

Not yet the boss but I can notice my being noticed,
As I walk to my office, His coffee is dripping down his lips,
This is just another pin-drop silence,
‘[Miss independent] Can she go out with me?’

Not that this is the first work of the day,
But I am used to the play right from where I lay,
A successful, thankful, thoughtful, wonderful day is just but a routine,
‘She means business and no pleasure’

Something for those I left behind at home,
Something for those in mama land, my home,
Something for me when happiness and satisfaction are at home,
‘Am I the pride of Africa?’

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