African Beauty

I wanna know if I am the pride of Africa,I smile at the thought of it,What a beautiful show of white teeth!‘Do you floss them?’... Read more »

January 17,'23 84 1 min read

Yet, another broken

We are not made broken! It is never the intention of the maker to make any of us broken. We are all made whole. Don’t... Read more »

January 5,'23 93 2 min read

The broken key

Man, according to books and the Book, is in charge of the world. No other living thing that ingests and excretes was worthy of the... Read more »

January 3,'23 81 2 min read

Be careful as the petals fall

People will always defend their egos. For this reason, they will always come up with several quotes and sayings to justify their decisions. Like, “you... Read more »

December 25,'22 103 2 min read

 A Jesus People

If I could be a Jesus people Then truly we would be equal Am seeking to be Jesus persons But His specification match a mason’s... Read more »

December 20,'22 73 1 min read