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The broken key

Tuesday January 3, 2023 11:01 am
In Thought
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Man, according to books and the Book, is in charge of the world. No other living thing that ingests and excretes was worthy of the responsibility. The same man is in charge of the thing housed in the head, call it the brain if you have any. Go a little deeper and you meet the mind, responsible for thoughts: the thoughts that, “maketh man”. But man fails to make the right man. For some reason, man thinks their thoughts have nothing to do with their being. As such, they deceive their members that they are headed somewhere. You see what I did, “headed”. If you are lost, care more about the broken key for this piece did not intend to ooze any mended fairy tale.

A good number of motivational stories and the “successful” speakers that manage to land their facts on our desperate “success-thirsty” ears acknowledge the mind. They tell us that our minds are responsible for making us succeed or fail. They will use many positive words such as attitude, gratitude, manifestation, and affirmation among others just to justify the success of those that made it. Little do they put it out there clearly that these words are all synonyms of the one thing that makes the magic come true, the mind. It is the state of the mind that’s usually described using these words that, subconsciously, relate to our desires. Need I explain? Of course not, I am not a trained psychologist. But I can tell you’re debating if you should look through the next sentence after each last that you perceive.

The ultimate goal of man is “success” even though man shall leave as he came, empty with nothing. Let’s call this success the lock. For once opened, one will have achieved their ultimate. The Book, in Proverbs 23:7, says that man becomes what he thinks. Therefore, let’s refer this – mind – to the key. From this, the only inference we can make is, the way to success is the mind. With the right mind, we can achieve the success we yearn for. This is engraved in the Bible and other religious books – trust me on this one.

A basic example I shall give. Whenever you come back to your house from the outside, you are likely to use a key to unlock the door to your house. It opens whenever you use the key on the right lock. Sometimes the same lock has more than one key that can open it. Consider it as the successful people in the same discipline that you desire. The same goal is achieved with different right minds.  Now the question is, having the key, could it be that we are given the wrong locks, or is the key broken? My answer, we try to open the wrong locks. Because Paul, Celina, James, and Jasper did it, we think we have to and try to open their locks with our unique keys. What’s your thought?

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