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Yet, another broken

Thursday January 5, 2023 10:01 pm
In Thought
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We are not made broken! It is never the intention of the maker to make any of us broken. We are all made whole. Don’t look at the physical, but think of the soul. Within us, there is the aspect of being human. Regardless of race, gender, and color, we are made human.  But who are we? We are humans and for that, we break ourselves with or without a fee!

The other day, all of Celina’s petals almost fell. In fact, it was the other way round for she almost left us for heaven or hell. For several years, we always believed their ceremonious “I do” meant for better or for worse. Nevertheless, she gave her all in the union only to be let down by her man or maybe, a curse.  The man was the type to call by the name and not by “all men are the same”. He was not a saint and I do not think he was to blame. After all, deep down he was just a man, a son of a good man.

Raised by the Book, he was the role model in the village. Years do go by and a boy has to come of age. He had to leave for the city for his dreams were calling. He also wanted to change the village for the better and the opportunities in the city made him believe his was a calling. He was a young successful man before he met Celina. Even after Celina, he kept winning for behind a successful man, in this case, there is Celina.

The city has people from all walks of life and the man had friends and this wasn’t strange. When they said show me your friends I quoted the Bible; they make you learn their habits and fail to change (Proverbs 22:25). “It is just a drink, you won’t feel stressed anymore. Come on, this is on me” came out the assuring words from the friend.  Indeed, Rome was not a one-day affair and in the case of Celina’s man, his last glass was not the end.   It was the beginning of a new man. This was not Celina’s man.

Celina suffered a lot through him. He started going to the “gym”. His car “broke down” every once in a while. His work, for some reason, started to “pile”. He simply made any excuse that would sound sensible to stay longer outside. Not with the boys only for they already invited the other species in their pride. Through the wall’s, Celina heard about what was happening with her love. It was too strong and it did touch a nerve.

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