Esdy Writes

A Jesus People!

Thursday June 6, 2024 06:06 pm
In Poetry
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If I could be a Jesus people
Then truly we would be equal
Am seeking to be Jesus persons
But His specification match a mason’s
Am that day sinner
For I saw her and the inner
I could be the left eye to pluck
I let not a brother chuck.

Ten was enough to follow
Jesus made them 2 before He could go
If He explained love I missed that
I trust my interpretation to be smart
My good just can’t negate the sin
Plus I heard there’s no bigger sin
I do more than just stealing
But nothing close to killing.

Am allowed to choose from all
Funny is that I can take any role
Judgement is awaiting me
But why if he lets me be?
Jesus on the cross was my freedom
From sin to his kingdom
But then again the book of life
What is my afterlife?

I tire enough to slumber
Too many forgiveness times a number
The guilt is more than I can stand
I am weak like the beach sand
The footprint seals my heart
Slow is the waters to fill that part
I cannot say that confession
Am in more than confusion.