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Be Careful As The Petals Fall

Saturday June 22, 2024 07:06 pm
In Thought
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Will you struggle to smile or cry during your last breath? I have encountered several quotes and sayings regarding losses. Including “you never know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” According to what I understand, it is for this reason that Meghan Trainor and John Legend tried to tell the world to hold on to what they have, like they’re going to lose them. However, some people will always defend their egos. A single mistake by their friends will lead to things like, “if I cut you from my life, you probably handed me the knife.” It’s from the various theories and facts concerning loss that I thought of the falling petals.

I believe that people are exposed to individuals that should be in their lives. It could be directly or indirectly as long as some relationship can be established. The degree to which one depends on the other doesn’t matter. What is important is that there is some sense of “without you, I can’t.” However, I am not concerned about people having a particular influence on each other’s lives. Like in the sense of the fair game, tit for tat. My concern is in the sense of friendship and family.

That person you have in your life but pretend to be busy enough not to spare a few hours in one of the several days within three months to just spend time together. My question, which led to the petals thinking, what will you do when they are gone forever? For all I know, no one has a clear understanding of the afterlife. Besides, it’s not all on the other side. Many events in our lives will make us lose each other. Think of these scenarios. The other day you would spend time with your friends in your rooms, but Paul got married and so is Celina. There’s no way you’ll spend in the privates anymore without any issues arising. James is now the CEO of Money Talks International. You still stuck whispering with your two-day change from the bill-siphoned money that you call salary. Did I say Jasper is now the guy that takes our money? We’ll probably meet him on the posters and media after five years. Alternatively, maybe we will meet him in the papers if he takes questionable amounts that we’ll notice.

So many ways that these people we care less but should be more about in our lives will leave our miss-able lives. However, life isn’t that perfect after all. There is something called “life goes on.” They leave, we live, and love. I heard the millionaire guy went abroad. He has conditions this country cannot treat. I hope he dies because it is our money anyways. After all, we are the “pay checker” or something. As soon as he dies, there is this pastor with a certain farm that we supply with seeds; he’s a perfect replacement of the millionaire. Only that with this one, we have hope in so many things. Like the other Sabbath, I planted a fertile seed that will guarantee me abundance.

Also, Stephen met Emanuela after Celina wedded. So, to the people with ears, do more than just listening to the music and let the lyrics speak to you. Those with eyes, try to ignore “out of sight out of mind” and create more instances of being with your loved ones. For those with noses, don’t get used to the smell of the people you’re with and try to smell more of them during those hugs that became tradition enough to lose their sense of affection. Those with hands, touch them as if it’s the last. For when the petals fall…